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Fire Suppression Systems

Protect your business with our fire suppression systems


A restaurant kitchen fire can get out of control quickly. Get the quality system you need from an authorized Ansul distributor - one of the top makers of dependable fire suppression equipment for restaurants.



Fire suppression specialist

Dedicated to helping you protect your restaurant 

If you are a restaurant owner who needs a new suppression system, we’ll help you make the correct choice and also provide you with expert installation.

If you have an existing system, you can call us to make sure your system is working properly. You'll have peace of mind when our fully-trained technicians provide comprehensive service to you. We always ensure that your system is in top operating condition..

Protect Your Restaurant

Our restaurant fire suppression specialist offers

Fire Suppression Specialist 1

• Sales • New installation • Routine maintenance • Semi-annual inspections • 24-hour emergency repair service

Fire Suppression Specialist 2


If you are in need of fire suppression system assistance,contact us today. You can also browse our website and read over the other services we offer: portable fire extinguishers andfire extinguisher services