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Our primary business is to provide fire protection services and products for: Schools, Manufacturing Company's, Gasoline Stations, Offices, Pipe Line Companies, Retail Stores, Hospitals,& Restaurants such as Pizza Huts, McDonald's, Burger King, Arby's, Perkins.Our service area includes Western Ohio (St Clairsville to East Liverpool), Western Pa (Pittsburgh to Washington) and West Virginia (Wheeling area to Morgantown)..

We service hood suppression systems, sprinkler systems. emergency exit lights& fire extinguishers. We are the local distributor for Ansul Products which includes fire extinguishers, suppression and sprinkler systems.

Our certified technicians have the latest training available and due their inspections in an honest& though way. Their inspections consist of checking the year of all the components to determine the time that it has been in service and evaluating if there is maintenance due for either replacement required.


In a hood suppression system there are fusible links which are heat sensitive so that when a temperature reaches a certain degree it will break and allow the system to go off putting out the fire These fuse links must be replaced at every 6 month interval in compliance with NFPA requirements. We also check the tension and fittings that control the pull station, which is the manual release of a system. NFPA requires that at 12 years in service the fluid must be replaced and the system tanks hydro-tested. The nitrogen cartridge will also need replaced. We will check to make sure the blows off caps are in place so they protect the nozzles. Sometimes they become filled with grease and do not work properly. It is also important to check the position of the cooking equipment to make sure that it is where it was designed to be. Moving of the equipment would require the nozzles to not be located to properly protect the equipment.

When checking fire extinguishers we look at the year it was manufactured and the last time it was serviced. Every fire extinguisher requires a 6 year maintenance and a 12 year Hydro-test. Required maintenance can be replacement of parts such as the valve stem, gasket or 0 ring, service collar and a required pressure check. Fire extinguishers should also be checked that they are not obstructed by any foreign objects, that the handle moves freely, that gauge is in the green area, and the pull pin is not bent so that it could not be removed in case of a need to use.

 Exit lighting needs to clearly light the way out of a building to safety in the event of a fire. We check the batteries, bulbs, backup power supply to make sure that all lights are working and in good mechanical condition.

Sprinkler systems are necessary protection of business and and in a many cases mandatory. We inspect these systems quarterly, semi-annual or annual depending on the area codes and the manufacturing company's requirements. Each system whether dry or wet must be tested to comply again with NFPA codes. This requires a pressure test, checking thegauges and replacing them every 5 years. Back flow testing is also required every year in most cases.